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Touch Screen Directory

Touch screen directories are a form of digital signage that allows a large number of displays in minimal space and offers better designs. It is a modern trend in the ever-changing digital world in Canada. It has an interactive service and it is easy to use. It gives an aesthetic modern look to buildings and its maintenance is cheaper. It also helps customers to find locations in buildings. They are the best at the creation of content that is simple and needs frequent changes. Touch screen directory requires little space as compared to the other types of digital signage. 

With the frequent evolution of technology, different types of touchscreen directories are offered to improve the quality of services. Touch screen directory has played an important role in improving the experience, they have amazing speed and they can be designed to suit any building.

Types of touch screen directory

  1. Infrared touch

This type of digital signage directory can interact with the finger touch. It has entry-level solutions and is simple and cheap.

  1. Capacitive touch

Capacitive touch is the technology used in smartphones and tablets. It uses the human touch to recognize interactions. Capacitive touch is one of the most expensive touch screen directories.

  1. In Glass Touch

This is the newest invention in technology. It has transmitters which help to recognize the areas that have been disrupted by objects on the screen. It offers more quality images and has an amazing interactive experience as compared to infrared touch. And the price is low.

  1. Touch Projector

It offers interactions by displaying the images transmitted from the projected surface. The cost is low and has less brightness than other types of touchscreen directories. 

  1. Resistive Touch

This is made up of two elective conducive layers which sensed pressure applied on them. They are cheap to produce and their maintenance cost is relatively low. 

  1. Optical Touch Screen

It is composed of image sensors that scan any image that comes into contact with the screen. They have high transmittance and support multi-choice events and gestures. They are mostly used in making TV screens. 

Benefits of Touch Screen Directory

  1. They have made it easier to find locations in buildings. Directory displays in malls provide customers with details of different parts of the building.
  2. They serve as a method of attracting more customers. Customized digital touchscreen directories are used as adverts by displaying details about products. 
  3. They are easy to use by people with disabilities and also the aged. They help people with disabilities to find their way out of the building using the touch screen directory. 
  4. They are easy to maintain and can be used outdoors.


As discussed above, the digital touchscreen directory has come out with many inventions that allow users to choose from a variety. They also have many benefits that any business can enjoy. People from all over the world have adopted the digital touch screen directory as a way of bettering their lives. 

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