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youRhere is the premier partner for businesses in Canada to engage and inform their audiences with intelligent interactive and passive signage. We offer complete systems integration of our solutions, with a strong focus on customer service.

Restaurant Digital Signage 

Digital signage entails the use of technology to display content such as images, videos, and streaming media using projection, LCDs, and LEDs. Digital signage is everywhere, from restaurants to outdoor advertising and offices, and its use is even spreading more. 

A multitude of terms falls under digital signage, from individual displays to overarching technologies. Digital signage displays are systems that makeup what the end users see. 

These include the screen, installed software, and other related aspects. The technology entails the physical hardware used to provide the solution. Such includes media players, screens, and network components. 

Uses of Digital Signage in Restaurants

Complete digital signage systems are made up of 3 key elements:

  • Content Management System (CMS): Assets such as videos, images, and graphics are uploaded here.
  • Digital Signature Player: Assets uploaded to the CMS are sent across the network to media players or computers. These are often packaged with the client’s digital signage software.
  • Digital Screen: This is where the selected content appears. Many factors are taken into consideration when choosing the appropriate screen. These include price, quality, functionality, and location. 

Types of Restaurant Digital Signage

There are innumerable types of restaurant digital signage, and these come in multiple, distinct configurations and sizes. Aside from the varying sizes, digital signage is availed in these options:

  • Digital Posters: These are just enhanced versions of digital signage gets and appear as posters on LCD screens placed against restaurant walls. These are quite simple to create and install, and they barely take up much space. They are also an ideal option where space is limited. 
  • Free-Standing Ad Displays: These are usually handy for restaurant owners that seek to make a statement. They are particularly appropriate for interactive use (e.g. restaurants with touchscreen capability rather than LCDs. 
  • Ceiling-Mounted Digital Signage: These are hung from the ceiling as a way to display information. Although these are less noticeable, they are ideal for restaurant owners seeking to install displays that are less obtrusive than free-standing displays. 
  • Outdoor Digital Signage: This is growing increasingly popular. But, the enclosures ought to be waterproof, with proper airflow, heating, and cooling systems to ascertain their safety. These may be used as indoor displays, replacing traditional printed billboards. 
  • Cloud-Based Digital Signage: Cloud technology is being adopted by more and more firms. For instance, Amazon ventured into the same with their Amazon Web Services and generated billions per year. 

This type of digital signage operates from the cloud and offers innumerable benefits to users. Such include ease of scaling, cost reduction, eliminating the requirement of hardware, and the ability to publish and update content from anywhere.

Why Do Restaurants Need Digital Signage?

For survival in such a fast-paced world, restaurants need to:

  • Sell more by engaging customers
  • Increase the productivity of their employees by connecting the workplace

youRhere digital signage solutions have been proven to be an excellent solution to the above objectives. They are a suitable way for restaurants to communicate with their target audience. 

Past research shows that these generate more leads than Web ads and social media posts. “50% of people remember seeing digital video displays within the last 30 days, versus 32% on the Web and 18% on Facebook” (Source). Such digital display solutions enable restaurants to deliver their message to the right target at the right place and time. They have also been proven to increase employee productivity by significant margins. 

When to Employ Digital Signage in your Restaurant

Generally, digital signage ought to be employed any time restaurant owners wish to engage and inform an audience. It is a great tool to get messages across and share stories, irrespective of whether the target is customers or visitors. 

Restaurant owners should also ensure that the content is timely and easily adaptable. Digital signage is imperative for users looking to increase their brand awareness or promote new products. 

Empower Your Visitors with Engaging Digital Signage

youRhere is the premier partner for businesses worldwide to engage and inform their audiences with intelligent interactive and passive signage. We offer complete systems integration of our solutions, with a strong focus on customer service.

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