Room Signage

With room signage screens outside of meeting room, board rooms or class rooms it makes it simple to view bookings and see immediate updates. You and your visitors know what’s happening when, with no guess work. 

Room Signage

Real Time Updates

Make changes as often as needed on our Content Management System (CMS) to see real-time updates on your display.

Room Signage

Calendar Integration

With a calendar date integration, the screen automatically moves from one booking to the next throughout the day, allowing you to easily manage the room schedule from one platform. 


Interactive + Conventional Digital Signage

Display All the Content You Need and engage visitors with an interactive Touch-Screen Experience.

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The transition to a digital directory for our building was smooth and flawless with youRhere. They were very informative, installation was quick with no issues and their service team was great. I find their system surprisingly easy to use and update. I highly recommend them.

Mirella Violo

General Manager The Royal Centre



Turnkey Electronic Signage & Fully Customized Retrofits YouRhere provides both affordable, turnkey electronic signage as well as fully customized builds and retrofits of existing signage. Digital signs can be used to drive traffic, d...

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