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Office Building Directories Edmonton has revolutionized digital directories in Edmonton – making it easier to find your way around the office building. No longer do visitors need to waste time searching for the right floor or office – with this digital solution, visitors can easily find their destination. has changed how people navigate office buildings in Edmonton. No more wasted time and frustration – now the focus is on what really matters: the work or business interactions.

Overview of office building digital directories

Office-building digital directories provide a modern and convenient way to navigate. Utilizing advanced tech, these interactive displays show information about tenants, offices, and amenities; no need for paper maps or cumbersome physical directories. Plus, the info is always up-to-date due to real-time updates from a central database.

Customization options let building owners align the design and layout with their brand and aesthetics. The user interface is simple and user-friendly, letting visitors navigate through different floors and sections easily. These digital directories also include accessibility features. Plus, they collect data on user interactions, giving building managers insight into visitor patterns and preferences.

To maximize the effectiveness of digital directories, consider clear labeling, visual clarity, regular updates, and helpdesk support. By following these suggestions, digital directories can streamline processes, boost visitor satisfaction, and optimize office building efficiency.

Benefits of using office building digital directories

Office building digital directories from in Edmonton are beneficial for building owners and tenants alike!

  • Convenience: Easily locate floors, businesses, or individuals with just a few taps on the touchscreen.
  • Time-saving: Find desired destinations quickly with instant access to up-to-date info.
  • Improved Communication: Central hub of info, displaying announcements, updates, and emergency notifications.

Plus, enjoy weather updates and personalized greetings for returning visitors.

Features of is designed to upgrade the digital directory experience for office buildings in Edmonton. We provide professional and informative solutions that cater to businesses and their visitors.

Features include:

  • Interactive Maps for easy navigation
  • Directory Listings with contact info
  • Customized Branding to match your company’s logo and colors
  • Digital Signage for announcements or ads

Moreover, has more than traditional directories. It offers innovative solutions like integrated security access and visitor management systems.

Upgrade your office building’s directory with Create a seamless and efficient environment that will impress employees and visitors. Stay ahead of the digital era with this amazing upgrade!

Tips for maximizing the benefits of Office building digital directories

Maximizing office building digital directories’ advantages? Essential! Here’s how:

  • Display accurate and up-to-date info to avoid confusion.
  • Order directory entries in a user-friendly way. Alphabetically? By floor?
  • Include contact info and office hours for comprehensive info.
  • Use interactive features like search functions and maps.

Also, boost the benefits by incorporating design elements reflecting the building’s branding. Custom icons and color schemes could do the trick!


Office buildings are fast-paced and is here to help Edmonton’s offices reach new heights! The digital directories offer user-friendly navigation – just a few taps and visitors can access floor plans, search for offices or amenities, and get directions. Plus, keeps you updated on any changes or renovations in the building – no confusion or frustration.

Customize your experience too! Create a profile and save your favorite spots for quick access. is an innovative solution for Edmonton office buildings – optimized visitor experience, efficient navigation, and personalization options.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is is a digital directory service that provides up-to-date information and wayfinding assistance for office buildings in Edmonton. It helps visitors navigate through the building, locate specific businesses, and access relevant information.

2. How does work? utilizes interactive touchscreen displays strategically placed throughout office buildings. Users can search for businesses, floors, or specific locations within the building. The system then provides detailed maps, directions, and information to help users reach their desired destination.

3. Are the digital directories in real-time?

Yes, the digital directories provided by are updated in real-time. This ensures that all listings, maps, and information are accurate and reflect the latest changes within the building. Users can trust the system to provide them with the most current details.