Office Building Digital Directories in Markham Ontario

youRhere is the premier partner for businesses in Canada to engage and inform their audiences with intelligent interactive and passive signage. We offer complete systems integration of our solutions, with a strong focus on customer service. has installed digital directories across Canada and has impressive digital directory solutions for your properties in Markham, Ontario. It stands out in the world of office buildings, providing convenience and efficiency.

Markham is well-known for its bustling business landscape. Technology is embraced there, and is proving to be very helpful.

Our platform’s interactive touchscreen displays offer directions and extra info about facilities and amenities. From meeting rooms to parking spaces, it’s all covered. has a user-friendly interface and integrates seamlessly with existing systems. Customization is also easy – tailored to each building. was born from the struggle of updating and dealing with physical directories. A team of tech-savvy individuals decided to revolutionize the industry.

Since its inception over 20 years ago, has become very popular in Markham. Thanks to its reliability, functionality, and visuals, it’s a great choice for modern office navigation.

What is a digital directory?

A digital directory is a modern and advanced version that helps users to find offices and services quickly. Plus, it has touchscreen functionality to search for names. These directories are put in strategic positions for maximum accessibility.

Also, they can adapt and update in real time. This means no need to print or manually update physical directories. And they can be customized to match the branding of the building or organization.

Benefits of using digital directories in office buildings

Digital directories offer many advantages for office buildings.

  • They provide a modern, efficient way to navigate complicated layouts.
  • People can locate offices, meeting rooms, and other facilities in a few taps.
  • This saves time and energy: no need for paper maps or asking for directions.

Customize and update digital directories in real time.

  • Reflect changes in office locations or personnel.
  • Add virtual tours, weather updates, or local news.
  • Eliminate printed materials, like paper maps or signage.

This reflects the growing trend of sustainability.

For optimal use: place directories in high-traffic areas with good lighting.

  • Perform regular maintenance to ensure accurate info and smooth operation.

Features and functionality of digital directory solutions

Digital directory solutions provide a plethora of features and functionalities to revolutionize the way we explore office buildings and commercial spaces. These advanced systems facilitate convenience, efficiency, and a modern outlook on the traditional process of finding locations.

Here’s a summary of the vital features and functionalities of digital directory solutions:

Interactive TouchscreenA User-friendly interface facilitates visitors to find desired destinations.
Real-time UpdatesInstantly display updated information, ensuring accuracy and reliability.
Wayfinding AssistanceStep-by-step directions with maps and visual cues guide users to their desired locations.
Customizable BrandingTailor-made design options to align with the brand identity of the organization or building.
Multi-Language SupportAccommodate diverse visitors with language preferences by offering multiple language options.
Emergency AnnouncementsAbility to broadcast urgent messages or announcements for the entire premises in emergency situations.
Tenant InformationDetailed information about tenants, including contact details, floor numbers, and directory listings.
Mobile IntegrationSeamless integration options with mobile devices, allowing users to access directories with dedicated apps or QR codes.

Optional features such as event calendars, parking assistance, weather updates, and visitor registration systems are also available.

Facility management systems integration is a worthwhile feature, allowing administrators to control directory content remotely and streamline operations.

For optimal user experience, place digital directories near entrances or elevators for maximum visibility.

Pro Tip: Update directory information regularly to ensure accuracy and provide useful up-to-date information for visitors.

How to choose the right digital directory solution for your office building

Selecting the correct digital directory solution for your office building can be intimidating. Yet, with suitable considerations and knowledge of your exact requirements, you can find a solution that fits your needs exactly.

Here is a division of what you should think about when choosing a digital directory solution for your office building:

  1. Features: Search for features that are vital for your office building, such as touchscreen abilities, interactive maps, and adaptable designs.
  2. User-friendly interface: Make sure the interface is easy to navigate for both tenants and visitors. A nicely designed and straightforward interface can upgrade user experience and make finding information speedy and effortless.
  3. Integration capabilities: Examine how well the digital directory solution integrates with existing systems in your office building. Seamless integration can save time and energy in handling directory updates.
  4. Maintenance and support: Take a solution that gives dependable maintenance and technical support to guarantee smooth operations. This will reduce downtime and guarantee that any issues are tackled quickly.
  5. Scalability: Reflect on the scalability of the solution. As your office building expands or changes, you may have to add more directories or update existing ones. Selecting a scalable solution allows future expansion without major disruptions.

By thinking about these variables when selecting a digital directory solution, you can find one that aligns with your precise needs. The correct solution will not only enhance the general experience within your office building but also streamline day-to-day operations for tenants, visitors, and staff members.


Office buildings in Markham, Ontario must keep up with the fast pace. digital directories are the perfect solution. Streamline operations and improve tenant and guest experience.

Digital directories offer lots of advantages. User-friendly design makes it easy to find what you need. No more wasted time searching corridors or waiting for help. Just a few taps and you’re there. stands out with customizable options. Match your branding and aesthetics. Create a professional atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression.

Features cater to the needs of modern office buildings. Integrate with existing systems for enhanced security and efficiency. Real-time updates keep everyone informed about office hours, events, and changes.

Don’t miss out. Embrace as your digital directory solution today. Improve navigation, showcase your brand, and stay up-to-date. Transform your office building into a dynamic space reflecting excellence and innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a digital directory solution for office buildings?

A digital directory solution for office buildings is a technology-driven system that provides a user-friendly interface to display directory information, such as company names, suite numbers, and floor plans. It replaces traditional paper-based directories and enables visitors to easily find their destinations within the building.

2. How does’s digital directory solution work?’s digital directory solution utilizes touch-screen kiosks strategically placed throughout the office building. These kiosks are connected to a centralized database that is constantly updated with the latest directory information. Visitors can simply interact with the touch-screen interface to search for specific businesses, browse floor plans, or get directions to their desired location.

3. Can the digital directories be customized to match our office building’s branding?

Yes,’s digital directory solution offers complete customization options. The interface can be tailored to match your office building’s branding, including colors, logos, and fonts. This allows for seamless integration of the digital directories into your facility’s overall aesthetic.

4. Are the digital directories easy to update with new tenant information?

Absolutely! With’s digital directory solution, updating tenant information is a breeze. The centralized database can be accessed by the customer, who can quickly add or remove tenants, change suite numbers, or update floor plans. The changes are instantly reflected on the digital directories across the building.

5. Can the digital directories provide additional features, such as event notifications or advertisements?

Yes,’s digital directory solution offers additional features beyond basic directory information. The system can be programmed to display event notifications, or building announcements. This allows for effective communication with building occupants and visitors, creating a more engaging and interactive experience.

6. Is technical support available for the digital directory solution?

Absolutely! provides comprehensive technical support for their digital directory solutions. Their team of experts offers assistance with installation, software updates, and troubleshooting. They are committed to ensuring smooth operation and optimal performance of the digital directories in your office building.


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