A trip to the hospital can be a nerve-wracking experience for patients and their visitors. That’s why creating a stress-free environment through effective communication can help improve their experience. Medical buildings and clinics don’t have to be a maze of unmarked doors and cryptic signage. YouRhere will work with you to create digital signage solutions that create a convenient, stress-free experience for patients, visitors, and hospital staff.



Ensure all your patients and staff can easily access the information they need by being Accessibility Compliant and offering Alternate Languages and Text-to-Voice options.

Shopping Centres

Software Features

Advanced software features help patients, staff, and visitors find essential information, navigate to the location of their appointment, find the hospital cafeteria, and so much more.


Recognition + Donor Walls

youRhere specializes in recognition and donor wall digital signage. These solutions effectively highlight and provide well-deserved recognition to donors of Hospitals, Clinics and other Institutions. Digital Signage elevates the standard Recognition and Donor Wall to include features such as:

  • Information on how to donate
  • Hall of Fame highlights & Impact Stories
  • Upcoming charitable events & schedules
  • Feature Donors & Donor level recognition
  • Video capabilities & instantly updated content


Multiple Ways to Search Departments

Search Departments alphabetically, by categories, keywords/tags, by floor, or with auto-populate smart search.

  • Interactive directory kiosk enclosure


Affordable Design Options

Our standard kiosk options give you a variety of choices in overall design while keeping it affordable. These units are pre-designed for a speedy delivery that keeps your budget in mind.


Customize To Your Brand

If you’re looking for a tailored solution to enhance your hospital or medical center’s aesthetic, you have the option to customize your hardware design fully. We’ll help you build the perfect unit for your facility.

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Turnkey Electronic Signage & Fully Customized Retrofits YouRhere provides both affordable, turnkey electronic signage as well as fully customized builds and retrofits of existing signage. Digital signs can be used to drive traffic, d...

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Intuitive. Powerful. Engaging. Advanced functionality and intelligent software features help you get the most out of your digital signage and enhance your visitor experience. 

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The transition to a digital directory for our building was smooth and flawless with youRhere. They were very informative, installation was quick with no issues and their service team was great. I find their system surprisingly easy to use and update. I highly recommend them.

Mirella Violo

General Manager The Royal Centre