Q1: How are youRhere’s digital signage solutions different from those of other suppliers? 

A: Most digital signage solution providers specialize in either hardware OR digital signage software, leaving the customer to arrange with one or more suppliers to fill in the gaps. We offer complete turn-key solutions consisting of the enclosure (kiosk), hardware, custom software, installation, and post-installation service and support. 

Q2: What types of industries does youRhere serve? 

A: With over 20 years of experience, we’ve helped many different industries, including commercial office, multi-family residential, education, healthcare, hospitality, and so much more. Learn more about the markets we serve.  

Q3:  What is the difference between an interactive directory and a digital information hub? 

A: When we first began providing our interactive directory solutions, their principal function was to assist visitors in finding the tenant they came to visit, and that was about it. Today, our solutions go well beyond that basic functionality to provide a one-stop source of information about the building, landlord, and tenants. The directory houses information about the building’s amenities, live transit feeds, building events, health and safety messaging, and sustainability information. 

Q4: After the directory is installed, what kind of support can I expect? 

A: Our support experts take pride in their mission to ensure each client receives clear answers and responses within the established time frame. Any problems you encounter are immediately analyzed by our support team so that you don’t have to worry about dealing with the problem on your own. Whether the issue is hardware or software related, can be addressed remotely, or requires an on-site visit, our team won’t rest until your directory is up and functioning correctly. 

Q5: Will I be able to update my directory’s content from my computer? 

A: Absolutely. YouRhere’s content management system (CMS) lets you—or us if you prefer– easily update and manage tenant information. Whether updating a tenant’s logo, social media feed, or adding/changing events – you can make timely changes from one easy-to-use platform. 

Q6: I want to ensure that the look and feel of the digital signage hardware and software are in line with my brand and building aesthetic, can youRhere help with that? 

A: Yes, we can. Our team of graphic designers can help design interactive software content that seamlessly integrates with your brand, providing a consistent brand experience for your visitors. Our hardware solutions range from wall-mounted to freestanding banners to kiosks. Our design team creates innovative yet functional hardware options with various screen sizes, custom colours, lettering, and finishes.  

Q7: When I order my digital information hub, how long before it is installed? 

A: The fabrication of the enclosure and the hardware orders typically take 3 – 5 weeks. The programming of the software takes about the same amount of time once the user interface design is agreed upon and assuming the media assets required for programming (e.g., a map of the building, tenant list, any photos or videos to be incorporated into the software) are readily available. Of course, these two work streams can proceed mainly in parallel, so the entire process can take as little as six weeks if required.  

Q8: Are there any special network requirements? 

A: Other than a handful of external data feeds like live transit, most of the information provided by our solutions functions without internet connectivity as it is cached locally. However, connectivity IS required to manage the content remotely. For this, there are three options—an ethernet (CAT5 or 6) connection, a robust and consistent WiFi signal, or a wireless modem. 

Q9: Do you provide warranties on your solutions? 

A: Yes, youRhere provides warranties on hardware and software components. Because we source the hardware on your behalf, we offer you the benefit of the manufacturer’s warranty (three years); but also go one step further:  
Under a standard manufacturer’s warranty, a defective screen or computer must be returned by you to the manufacturer for verification, and a replacement shipped out to you for installation. Returns can take 4 – 8 weeks or longer if the item needs to be shipped from overseas, during which time you are without using your information hub.  
Under our licensing, service, and support agreement, we replace the defective hardware from one of our suppliers’ inventories as early as the next day and then deal with the manufacturer to honour the warranty, replacing the item in our inventory when it becomes available. We take care of shipping and installation, including making necessary modifications to the enclosure in cases where the hardware model has been discontinued, and the replacement comes with a different form factor – thereby minimizing stress for our customers. 

Q10:  What are the benefits of interactive digital signage (touchscreens) vs. static (non-touch) signage? 

A: Quite simply, you get a lot more bang for your buck for a little more money. Think about a website. The home or landing page can provide a certain amount of information—but only a tiny fraction of what is typically available in all secondary pages found behind the “tabs” or drop-down menus that usually populate a website. As our customers know, “real estate” is valuable—maximize the information available to your users by going interactive, meaning the exact size of the screen can provide many times the value. 

Q11:  Are your digital signage solutions secure? 

A: When it comes to youRhere’s Digital Information Hubs, it’s essential to keep in mind:  
1. The information you have chosen to display is, by definition, public, and you are comfortable putting it out there for the world to see. No private, personal or financial information needs to be accessed from the lobby of your building!  
2. In rare cases, our interactive directories exist outside our customers’ internal networks. An example would be if you, the customer, wanted us to pull information from other parts of your organization (i.e., a hotel asking us to remove the daily list of meetings and events from their scheduling system). In that case, we work closely with you to ensure that only that which is strictly required is accessed.  
3. We protect each of our endpoints with the latest security features, software, and processes, monitoring our endpoints and automatically locking them down if we detect attempts to hack into one of our hubs. 


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