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Education Digital Signage 

Digital signage within education centers helps streamline communication and makes sharing of information even simpler in formats that anyone can view and understand. Various types of content are displayed to bridge the communication gap between schools and students, enhance the student’s learning experience, and improve engagement. Most educational institutions have already adopted and embraced digital signage as a crucial element in the future of communication within schools. Below are several basics and benefits for schools that are using digital signage and those that intend to adopt this form of communication.

7 Tips for Use of Education Digital Signage

  1. Digital Bulletin Board

Gone are the days when learning institutions used whiteboards and static bulletin boards. Credit to the growing adoption rates of modern technology in learning institutions, static bulletin boards no longer meet the need for effective communication between staff and students. Besides, digital bulletin boards demand little manpower. They are also simple to update. Using digital signage, educational institutions can inform their students of last-minute tweaks to the existing class schedules, display the event calendar, and broadcast items that are “lost and found”. They are an excellent way to grab the students’ attention and enhance message retention. 

  1. Welcome Signs

The first days at school tend to create some kind of nervousness among new staff and students. Education digital signage has been proven to be an excellent way to welcome them, calm their nerves, and help them adjust to the new environment. Displaying their names can also help other staff and students begin conversing with the newcomers.  

  1. Digital Directory(ies) 

Schools can leverage education digital signage as interactive directories showing specific location information to new students and staff. They would then be able to find what they are seeking. Implementing clear digital building directories and wayfinding at educational institutions can prove to their prospective students that they care. Schools can consider placing such signage at the lobbies or entrances to inform and engage their visitors immediately after they enter the institution. 

  1. Social Media

Students are accustomed to receiving information through screens and the Web. Society today is also marked by the growing usage of the Internet. Schools need to find new ways to communicate with students. Education digital signage is an excellent way to convey the institution’s social media feeds. This will foster an even more connected school as it encourages conversations among students. 

      V.           Donor Walls

Education digital signage may also be employed on donor walls as a way of recognizing and showing appreciation for the institution’s financial supporters. Schools can consider featuring their names and images to attract and inspire prospective donors. They can also leverage the same in showcasing the projects that the institutions are currently running – building renovations, charity fundraisings, and equipment upgrades. This will help inform the donors of where their donations are going and even make them willing to donate even more. 

  1. Achievement Recognition

Schools can employ education digital signage to recognize the achievements of their students and motivate them to do their best. Showcasing their creative works and academic awards would be an excellent way of boosting peer recognition and increasing their morale. And, whenever their parents visit, they can also see that their children are being celebrated in their schools. 

  1. Emergency Alerts

Besides education, schools are responsible for the well-being and safety of their students. The ability to convey information quickly and in real time in the event of unpredictable situations and emergencies is crucial. Education digital signage can help schools relay information to students and staff by displaying necessary alerts, instructions, and evacuation procedures. This allows school administrations to stay in control of unexpected events and keep everyone calm. 


The above are just but a few benefits that digital signage stands to offer for learning institutions. The importance of educational digital signage cannot be underestimated. It can help enhance the student’s learning experience as it offers visual stimulation to engage the staff and students while increasing the school’s spirit. youRhere can help your school bridge the existing communication gap between teachers, students, and staff. You can also contact us to learn more about education digital signage can benefit your institution. 

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