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Edmonton Interactive Wayfinding: A game-changer for navigation in the city

Edmonton, the capital city of the province of Alberta, boasts a thriving economy and a diverse population of over one million. With so much to see and do, it can be overwhelming for visitors and residents alike to find their way around the city. Luckily, interactive wayfinding signage has emerged as a great and effective solution to this problem.

Interactive wayfinding is digital signage that provides users with information and guidelines as they navigate different facilities. It uses touchscreen technology to engage users and provide reliable information at various points throughout a building. With interactive wayfinding signage, users can save time and reduce stress, as they don’t have to wait for someone to assist them or consult a map.

For those looking to install interactive wayfinding signage in Edmonton, consider the experience you want your visitors to have. Your signage should be captivating and engaging, providing visitors with a street that is a secure environment.

Types of interactive wayfinding signage in Edmonton

  1. Voice-activated wayfinding: This type of wayfinding signage uses an addictive voice user interface to offer commands and questions asked by users. It displays requested information on maps and directions on screens and helps to reduce germ transmission by providing hands-free service.
  1. Room Boards: Room boards display the available rooms in a building. They clearly distinguish between booked and available by using different colors to differentiate them. In business meetings, they are very helpful in helping staff and visitors to the meeting point.
  1. Menu Boards: Menu boards are commonly used in restaurants to display the types of food available to customers. They include information on offers, promotions, nutrients, and allergies. Menu boards save time that you can use for ordering food.
  1. Interactive wayfinding kiosks: Besides the other types of interactive wayfinding signage, Edmonton also has interactive wayfinding kiosks in public places like parks and other recreational areas. These kiosks provide visitors with information about the location, history, and features of the park, as well as directions to specific points of interest. They may also include interactive maps and directories that allow visitors to easily plan their visit and find their way around the park. With the help of these kiosks, visitors can have a more enjoyable and informative experience when exploring Edmonton’s many parks and public places.

Uses of interactive wayfinding in Edmonton 

Interactive wayfinding is used in various settings in Edmonton. Educational institutions help new students and visitors navigate their way through campuses. For companies and corporate headquarters, it assists employees and visitors in finding the appropriate offices and meeting points without difficulties. In hospitals and health centers, it directs patients to the fitting rooms and passes information to staff members in an emergency. It also displays some critical information, such as vaccination for patients. Shopping malls help customers find relevant stores and familiarize themselves with the building. It directs travellers to their correct flights in airports, making travelling stress-free. In government offices, it leads people to facilities they are trying to find.

Where to get interactive wayfinding signage in Edmonton

If you want to implement interactive wayfinding in your facility in Edmonton, you will need the right software to power your kiosk. Fortunately, many companies offer interactive wayfinding solutions in the city. One such company is youRhere, a leading digital signage and wayfinding solutions provider. YouRhere provides many products and services to help you create customized wayfinding kiosks that fit the specific needs of your business or organization. YouRhere’s software is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes. With youRhere’s interactive wayfinding software, you can create engaging and informative kiosks that help visitors and customers easily find their way around your facility.


Interactive wayfinding signage has proven helpful in Edmonton due to its various benefits. It is easy to install and incorporates different digital signage platforms. In case of changes in the location of other points in a building, it makes fast updates and is very useful in emergencies. Digital screens in a building help save the time the staff could have used to direct visitors. With interactive wayfinding signage, navigation in Edmonton is more straightforward.

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