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Calgary Digital Directories

Digital directories in Calgary are electronic lists of information or catalogs. Businesses and buildings use a digital directory to show information about people, businesses, and organizations – like their name, location, and contact information such as phone numbers or email addresses. 

What is the primary purpose of a digital directory?

A digital directory is a handy tool that helps individuals and businesses locate places and connect with people. 

Have you ever walked into a large building and immediately thought, “how am I ever going to get where I’m going?” or how often are you asked for directions to a particular room, area, or section of a campus or building? Well, a digital directory is what points in the right direction. 

The best use cases for a digital directory are in large buildings like office complexes, campuses, hospitals, malls, and government buildings. Visitors, customers, and employees who frequent these locations need help navigating to specific areas of a building or campus to access a particular service or meet certain people, for example. 

What businesses need a digital directory?

Well, essentially every business in Calgary or building needs a digital directory. Still, the businesses and industries that stand to benefit the most from digital directories include those listed below:

Office Buildings in Calgary

Office buildings in Calgary need digital directories to help visitors and employees get to the correct office or floor, especially if they are unfamiliar with the area. A digital directory is efficient, time-saving, cost-effective, and easy to use. They help people get to where they need to go quicker and reduce the time spent by other employees giving directions or even escorting visitors to their destination. 

A digital directory is also less costly than a traditional printed directory – you save money and time on printing and distribution. In addition, it can easily be updated when it needs to reflect changes. So you can say bye-bye to printing costs and hello to convenience. 

Your digital directory can also display useful information about the people and businesses working and operating in the building. Visitors and employees can easily access contact information, their services, and operating hours. The easier a space is to navigate, the less likely people will get frustrated and leave. 

In addition, from an aesthetics, branding, and user experience perspective, they make a space look more professional, modern, and less intimidating. This is great for leaving a good impression and pulling in more patrons. 

Healthcare Facilities in Calgary

A digital directory greatly relieves staff, patients, and their family members or visitors on large hospital campuses. Large and complex hospitals are difficult to navigate. Given the busy nature of these spaces, this can make being in the area even more daunting. 

A digital directory eases the patience and visitor experience with a searchable, interactive campus map at Calgary healthcare facilities. That way, anyone has the most critical resource they need in finding the correct building, department, or room. 

In addition, a digital directory is especially necessary for a healthcare facility in Calgary because of frequent emergencies—every second counts during an emergency. A digital directory will help patients and visitors in Calgary quickly find the station they need without wasting time asking for directions or frantically searching. This saves their time and eases their stress. 

They are also cost-effective. Large hospitals already spend a lot of resources on necessities like equipment and well-qualified staff. In addition, a digital directory requires less maintenance and effort regarding distribution and updates, like in the case of a traditional print directory. 

Schools and Universities

Some of the first places to embrace digital directories were Calgary college campuses. This is primarily because they regularly turn over about 25% or more of their population yearly – a digital directory makes it easier for new and visiting students and academic staff to find their way around campus to the class or building they need to get to.

For places like Calgary schools, they are not only useful for displaying information on people and places, but they can also be used to provide important information on events, news, and announcements from the university. 

They can also be designed to be accessible and inclusive to ensure students with disabilities and those who speak different languages can also access important information.  

Government Buildings

In larger cities like Calgary, government buildings like judicial complexes can be difficult to navigate, especially for most visitors who are not there very often and, thus, cannot familiarize themselves with the location well enough. 

A digital directory can help visitors navigate these large buildings to find the right courtrooms, government offices, or departments to get to. 

Calgary Transportation Hubs

Airports and train stations within Calgary are normally very large, especially in major cities like Calgary. They are also notoriously difficult to navigate, hosting many different terminals and gates that travelers need to get to. In addition, their size and business make it difficult to passengers to find their way around and locate the facilities and services they need.

A digital directory in transportation hubs provides an easy, user-friendly interface to help passengers quickly navigate the train station or airport. Digital directories can help lead people to restrooms, baggage claims, customer support, restaurants, and stores. 

They are also particularly useful in displaying information on flight and train schedules, including delays and cancellations, that way, everyone is up-to-date. A digital directory improves passenger experience and increases efficiency facilitated by easily accessible information. 

Tourism and Leisure in Calgary

A digital directory is especially useful in locations that receive many visitors, who are most likely unfamiliar with all the ins and outs of the location, like tourism and leisure centers. These locations include parks, hotels, clubs and resorts, conference centers, and shopping malls. 

A digital directory enhances the visitor experience within Calgary with easily accessible information about the location. They can use the directory to navigate and locate the amenities they are looking for, like restrooms, restaurants, and shops. A digital directory also saves time and reduced confusion by displaying clear and concise information. This is especially helpful in large buildings like shopping malls where visitors can get easily disoriented and lost. 

As well, they can easily be updated, they can also be used to reflect changes in a building’s layout or amenities. They are also a great marketing opportunity for facility owners – they can use the digital directory to promote products and services or showcase their brand. Plus they are a great way to advertise special events or promotions. 


Overall, a digital directory can enhance the guest experience, save time and reduce confusion, be cost-effective and convenient, and provide marketing opportunities. For these reasons, all the locations listed above can benefit from installing a digital directory for their facility.