6 amazing benefits of leveraging digital signage in your school or college campus

As technology advances, digital signage is becoming increasingly important in the education sector. This technology is being implemented increasingly in schools to engage with and attract digitally conscious students while being a quick and cost-effective way for schools to interact with staff, student body, and visitors.

With four out of five students reporting that digital learning will help improve their grades, it becomes vital to consider the advantages of having interactive digital signage as an integral part of educational institutions to foster efficiency and entice engagement.

What is digital signage?

Before we discuss its benefits, it’s helpful to understand what digital signage is. Digital signage (sometimes called electronic signage) is a sub-segment of signage.

It’s a form of electronic display that uses a digital screen to exhibit information, messages, or any other content.

It can comprise images, videos, texts, or multimedia content for informational or marketing purposes.

How can digital signage benefit your staff and students?

There are a number of ways interactive digital signage can positively impact your staff and students, ensuring a positive and engaging experience. Digital signage allows you to:

1. Communicate information with effectiveness

There’s always information to be relayed in school, and digital display boards are an ideal medium to disseminate valuable and timely information.

Individuals on campus usually overlook static messaging boards, if they even exist, so upgrading to a digital screen will entice up to 400% more views from the audience.

2. Simplify navigation and wayfinding

Finding your way around a school building or university campus can be challenging.

Displaying navigation maps with digital wayfinding helps guests, visitors, and current or newly enrolled students more confidently orient themselves around campus grounds.

These interactive maps minimize confusion while promoting timeliness amongst staff and students.

3. Strengthen campus safety

The safety of students and visitors is a top priority at education institutions. Incorporating digital signage can help improve the safety and security of the school by integrating with an emergency alert system.

Real-time updates ensure that schools can instantly reach students and staff on campus when an emergency occurs to broadcast emergency contact information, campus maps, and much more!

With these safety measures in place, individuals can roam freely, knowing they are safe and secure.

4. Real-time updates

Digital signage allows you to schedule and provide students and faculty with updates as they happen.

Interactive signage also relays weather, traffic, college team scores, schedules, and daily events that can be useful to campus attendees, making it a powerful tool to disseminate information on time.

5. Save money and increase revenue

This cost-effective method of disseminating information saves money in terms of printing advertisements and posters to be displayed around campus, and increases advertising revenue by 800%.

It cuts the effort and expense of traditional print communication while reaching a wider array of audience that traditional print couldn’t.

Using this platform is also environmentally friendly as the use of paper-based communications will have lessened.

Digital signage is the most effective way to improve communication with staff and students, while creating a sense of community. It’s an easy platform to get your message across with captivating content while reaching a large audience.

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