Interactive Digital Signage: The Best Way For Tourists To Enjoy A New City

One of the main joys of the traveler experience is freely exploring new locations. But what’s something we all need without fail when traveling? Knowledge of how to find our way around safely. Regardless of your familiarity with an area, there’s always more to see and know. As technology evolves, navigation is much more accessible through digital signage.

Interactive signage is a growing trend that’s proven to have numerous benefits for travel and tourism organizations. With roughly 1.4 billion international tourist arrivals per year, implementing a safe and informed navigation system is crucial. As a new way to promptly provide visitors with live, interactive information, digital signage encourages travelers to explore their destinations confidently.

Digital Information Hubs are a cost-effective means for countries, provinces or states, cities, or tourism organizations to interact with and keep tourists engaged and connected by providing an easy guide with local points of interest, sightseeing tips, local event schedules, hotel and restaurant options and transportation schedules readily available.

Accessible information helps create a positive experience for tourists, allowing them to feel “at home” while traveling by navigating a new city with readily available information.

Image: Interactive Tourist Kiosk located near the Royal Palace in Stockholm, Sweden

Let’s explore the five top benefits of how interactive digital signage can help cities make a positive impression and maintain a secure environment for visitors:

1. Travel from A to B in any language

Interactive signs can help tourists feel like locals by making it easy to explore your city, discover local businesses, and help find important safety information in the language of their choice.

Gone are the days when international visitors had to frantically scroll through a dictionary to decipher a static sign “directing” them from A to B.

Today, you can make it an easy and pleasant experience by offering interactive signage that makes exploring a new place fun and memorable (in a good way).

2. Intelligent Wayfinding and Live Transit Schedules

Interactive digital signage provides a captivating and comprehensive navigation guide that caters to travelers’ desires and needs.

Guests can feel comfortable exploring the area with the latest navigation and live transit information to plan their excursions. By eliminating the confusion and frustration that can come with self-navigation, tourists can orient themselves quickly, improving guests’ satisfaction by 46 percent.

3. Up-to-date, relevant information at their fingertips

Digital signage allows guests to reliably access current information that directly impacts the flow of their trip, alleviating much stress when planning a vacation.

Tourism organizations can efficiently implement and manage system-wide content updates so guests are constantly aware of all available entertainment options.

4. Show your small, local businesses some love

From a business standpoint, digital signage plays a crucial profit-boosting role in tourism. It provides an appealing advertising platform for local businesses to effectively target travelers, increasing brand recognition by over 47 percent.

This practical self-service solution connects visitors to local shops and restaurants, encouraging travelers to explore the area while promoting revenue for local businesses.

5. Collect valuable traveler insights

Digital signage is a sure way to improve your tourist-focused business with consumer data and actionable insights. An interactive information system is a valuable and efficient way to gather data to learn more about users.

Every touch of the screen creates a record so that you know how many people used the digital information hub, what they searched for, and in what language they accessed the information. You can leverage the knowledge gained from analytics to customize content for guests, improve their experience, and increase ROI.

Travelling is made infinitely easier with digital signage. It’s a cost-effective way to boost business returns within the tourism industry by ensuring travelers are fully informed for an enjoyable exploration. Improving the traveler experience satisfies tourists, which is always good for business.

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